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Enterprise Content Management

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According to research 80% of new information a company or organization receives is nonstructural content like email correspondence, financial and organizational policies and documents stored in media or text files. Moreover, more then 60% of this new information is unreliable, outdated or unverifiable.

The ability to rapidly search data and avail of secure information storage are fundamental for business survival today. Companies spend huge resources internally as well as outsourcing to store paper documents, maintain e-archives, or imaging material. It is critical to manage access to information whilst meeting regulatory acts like Basel or Sarbanes-Oxley, or satisfying requirements for personal data by Governments or by medical organizations. Even attempting to solve this challenge, a company will spend precious time on documentation, be it searching or seeking suitable storage solutions.

A Corporate client survey provided useful data highlighting their primary challenges:

28% mentioned critical follow up failures and failing to meet deadlines

20% underlined business process and document flow time as being inappropriately long

18% emphasized loss of important documents as a primary concern

14% necessity to store vast quantities of documents

12% focused on expired contracts and invoices

8% cited time spent searching through documents

To solve this problem we offer implementation ECM&BPM solutions as a global best practice.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) - is a set of strategies, methods and tools using for obtaining, storing, managing and archiving company data, vital to it'`s business operations.

The objective of the ECM approach is to keep full lifecycle information, from its creation or imaging to the point of shredding and deleting (when it's out-of-date).

 Business Process Management (BPM) is a conception of organization process management, considering business processes as special resources of enterprise, continuously adaptable to permanent changes, and relying on such principles as understandability and visibility of business processes in organization due to their modeling, monitoring and analysis.

Analysts Gartner define the next assessment criteria of BPM-solutions as basic:

MOLFAR can provide:

All our solutions are designed in-house by MOLFAR and implemented with your business specifics and tools we use and existing experience help us complete a project in few months

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