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E-commerce development

We design e-commerce solution for our client. From simple e-shop for your PoS and up to complex e-commerce integrating with CRM, ERP, payment and delivery services. We have a wide range of e-commerce solutions for your business

For complex e-commerce project we prefer to use  Yii2 or Magento, as the most popular e-commerce system in the world.

Yii2 or Magento are the best option if you need to use configurable items, or recuire complex price rules for different segments (such as price discounting, or complex delivery). 

We find Magento version 2.0 has much more features for B2B in standard functionality out-of-the-box.

Here is some details about Yii2-based or  Magento-based projects according to our statistics:

For B2B e-commerce or for some special services like car rental we prefer to use ModX, Opencart, Yii2 or .NET with our own modules. According to statistics, project launch takes from 1 to 4 months using minimal functions for an effective start. Once up and running, we develop additional features that customer requests from us, based on their evolving requirements.

CRM for specific niche can be developed on PHP (ModX, Yii2) or using ASP.NET. It depends on customer requirements, as well as product budget and roadmap.