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CRM & Sales Streamlining

CRM & Sales Streamlining

MOLFAR CRM & Sales Streamlining Solutions

The CRM triangle (Staff-Technologies-Process) is a highly complex field where the unsupported clients faces challenges such as achieving sales targets or time-consuming staff management

The CRM triangle (Staff-Technologies-Process)

Molfar provides an array of solutions to address these challenges:

  • Auditing and streamlining of sales processes
  • Assessment and training of staff
  • Management coaching
  • Designing new operating procedures

By employing our services we have recorded improvements to customers business as follows:

  • 20% reduction in sales cycle
  • 10-40%  increase of conversion at various key stages of business
  • 30-35%  reduction in staff turnover

MOLFAR: We make path to client shorter

Our services have an direct positive impact on sales efficiency:

  • We can help to solve question of lead generation with the help of:
    • Organization of contextual advertising in search system
    • Customization of SEO promotion programs and SMM companies in popular networks: Facebook, Twiter, Pinterest, Youtube, Google+ etc.
    • Usage of messengers channels: Telegram, Viber
    • Mail marketing customization
  • Improve sales management processes: management and motivations
  • MOLFAR can assess the skills of your sales staff and candidates using our own assessment system, 'Sales Assessment Center'

Using Sales Assessment Center, you can get immediate feedback of your sales training programs, and detailed reports on the skill progression of your sales staff.

We also provide options for sales team assessment, testing current proficiency levels and progress, or revealing issues such as hidden conflicts.

MOLFAR: Our Experience Is Your Advantage


In our experience, we have found that the most critical improvement opportunity in CRM implementation is recall and retention of leads, which are out of your main client tunnel.

We understand the fundamental drivers and criteria while operating at both corporate B2B market and at retail B2C. We have extensive demonstrable experience in the follow fields:

  • Retail
  • Distribution
  • IT and software development outsourcing
  • IT systems integration and distribution
  • Medical services
  • Power engineering
  • Consulting and service 
  • HoReCa (hotels, restaurants, café) Insurance
  • Banking
  • Telecommunication
  • Complex equipment sales
  • Construction


CRM systems that we recommend and implement to our clients

Product Market Sales type Advantages
Saleforce Large / medium companies B2B, B2C

Mass-market product with millions of user from leading manufacturer according to Gartner

Wide integration abilities out-of-the-box and customized

Great workflow configuration facilities and automation features

One of the best cost-ratio

Support from one of the greatest software vendors in the world and its partners

Possibility of user customization of system

BPM.Online Large / medium companies B2B, B2C

Popular automation system of full-cycle relationships with client

Mature reference processes for marketing, sales and service

Possibility of user customization of system

Bitrix24 Medium / small companies B2B, B2C

Accessible solution, resolving all tasks of organization of relationships with clients

Availability of Cloud service

Support of operation systems: Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android

High speed ofimplementation

Y Tiger CRM Medium / small companies B2B

Freeware software, easy to customize

Plug-ins for various web services and integrations

Ease of setup and support.



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